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What is visible and not on a costume in candlelight?

18th century costume design possibilities.
Oistat presents a two-days workshop in 18th century costume draping. We use sketches from the time to mold costumes in different fabrics, modern and historic to study how candlelight works in combination with the different qualities and textures.
We are taught methods to create and enhance different light and shadow effects on flat textiles and are given a lecture on clothes in the 18th century.
Last step of the workshop is to see our different designs at Confidencen’s theatre stage in real candlelight.
The workshop is held at Drottningholms Slottsteater. the historic theatre in the Drottningholm Palace area.
Drottningholms castle theatre was built in 1766 at the request of Queen Lovisa Ulrika. The theatre is constructed of simple materials and the auditorium is playfully decorated using paint, stucco, and papier mâché. The wooden stage machinery is operated by hand. It includes wind, thunder and cloud machines, as well as traps and moving waves.  In 1991 the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO designated the theatre, together with Drottningholm Palace, the Chinese Pavilion and the surrounding park, as being of international cultural heritage significance.
Confidencen is Swedens oldest theatre, originally built as a house for ridning in 1670. After an initiative by Queen Lovisa Ulrika, it was transformed into a theater in 1753.
It was long time forgotten, turned into a hunting lodge and finally used for various purposes such as a telegraph station, storage room and other. When rediscovered in 1976, by the opera singer Kjerstin Dellert it was all in ruins. Mrs Dellert made it her life mission to restore and revive it, and today, 50 years later it has a reconstructed stage machinery and is back to its original splendor.
Lena Dahlström, our workshop leader, is a passionate cutter and tailor and was the head of Drottningholmsteatern’s costume department for 25 years. Lena has 38 years of experience and has collaborated with among others Ingmar Bergman/Charles Koroly, Robert Lepage/Karin Erskine and Pierre Audi/ Patrick Kinmouth. Lena is an expert on historical cutting and has also been teaching at various textile schools.
The workshop is an opportunity to experiment with textile, light and historical costumes and is suitable for professional costume designers, tailors, cutters and seamstresses. Experience in draping is required.
Workshop 1-2/6 2022, and presentation 4/6
Price 5000 SEK (student 3000 SEK) The fabrics and other material are included in the price. Food is not included.
Workshop start 9.00 på Drottningholmsteatern at Ekerö
Presentation of the workshops results (open for audience) at Confidencen 4/6
For those also wanting to participate in the Conference by Candlelight 3 – 5.6.2022, please note that you need to apply to workshop and conference at the same time. The conference fee is paid additionally.

For more information contact Camilla Karlsson, 

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