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Scandlight 7– 9 June 2022

Reality – illusion
4 Workshop and seminars on historical light and the future of lighting design. 

”Reality and illusion” will look to see how reality and illusion is used in design and developed by equipment in different fields of performing arts and in the entertainment industries. Can old historical light be replaced by modern equipment that gives the same expression as the candle did before?

June  7 – 9 , 2022 in Stockholm University of the Arts, Sweden
The conference is open to Lighting designers, researchers, developer, educators, teachers, students, and arts managers from all over the world interested in ”reality – illusion”. This meeting is an opportunity to meet potential collaborators from different countries!

The conference will be in English.

Scandlight 2022
Svenska Ljussättareföreningen – SLF – is inviting you to Scandlight 2022 on June 7-9 in Stockholm University of the Arts, Sweden.
Don´t miss this unique opportunity for inspiration and the possibility to meet colleagues and to make new contacts.

For those also wanting to participate in the Conference by Candlelight 3 – 5.6.2022, please note that you need to apply to workshop and conference at the same time. The conference fee is paid additionally. If you have registered for the CONFERENCE BY CANDLELIGHT, the SCANDLIGHT Conference fee for 3 days is 3500:- SEK / students 500:- SEK. Total for both conferences is 7000SEK

Food, transportation and accommodation are not included in the workshop fee.


More information soon on
Or for more information contact: 
Anders Larsson, – chairman of SLF, and/or
Ulf Nielsen, – projectleader.
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