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Historic Light before electricity

OISTAT arranges a one-day workshop June 2 2022.
The workshop participants will look at how theatrical performances for electricity came to light. Participants will work with oil lamps, wax candles and various forms of gas candles. But also measure the color temperature to be able to compare the different light sources. The participants also build floor ramps with the different techniques.
Workshops leader is Chris van Goethem. He teaches History of Technical Theatre, Research skills, production management and Special Effects. He is responsible for the expertise centre for technical theatre of RITS, school of arts, Erasmus University College Brussels and is involved in research on education, competence management, history and technical theatre. (
Chris researches the history of technical theatre and was part of the “Changement a vue” research project At the moment he is part of the “Fading lights” project. Both projects are conducted in cooperation with SADA, Uniarts, Stockholm.
Workshop June 2, 2022, Presentation for audience on the 4th of June 2022
Workshop fee 2.500SEK (student 1500SEK)
Maximum number of participants: 12
For those also wanting to participate in the Conference by Candlelight 3 – 5.6.2022, please note that you need to apply to workshop and conference at the same time. The conference fee is paid additionally.
Food and transportation are not included in the workshop fee.
For more information contact Chris van Goethem 
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