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Touring exhibition on show in Hanau (Germany)19.01.2017

The Hessian Minister for European Affairs, Lucia Puttrich, and Mayor Klaus Kaminsky opened today our international touring exhibition “The history of Europe – told by its theatres” in Hanau, near Frankfurt. It will be on show in the historic town hall until 24 February. Find all details here.

Alpine Route inaugurated26.11.2016

The Municipal Theatre in Solothurn (CH) is the venue for the opening of the Alpine Route of the European Route of Historic Theatres. The new itinerary connects the most interesting historic theatre buildings in Switzerland and Southern Germany. Read more about it here

Touring exhibition arrives in Ljubljana (Slovenia)24.10.2016

"The herald of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018", proclaimed the Slovene State Secretary for Culture, Ms Damjana Pečnik, at the opening of our exhibition "The history of Europe - told by its theatres" at the Ministry of Culture in Ljubljana. After stops in Warsaw, Copenhagen, Vienna and Munich, the touring exhibition has now reached its fifth destination. It will be on show in the Slovene capital until 3 January 2017, presented by SLOGI, the Slovenian Theatre Institute. More information:

Teatro Angelo Masini, Faenza (Italy)04.10.2016

We welcome as new member the Teatro Angelo Masini in Faenza (IT). The theatre, created in 1788 by the architect Giuseppe Pistocci for the “Accademia dei Rimoti”, is probably the only public theatre that does not turn its facade to the street – the main entrance behind a row of columns is in the courtyard. The auditorium, a masterpiece of neoclassicism in Italy, strives to create the impression of an open-air classical theatre, but this is combined here with the rows of boxes of the Italian opera house. The result is monumental and at the same time of a great variety. A rare element is the remains of the 18th century stage machinery. More information:

Bourlaschouwburg, Antwerp (BE): Master plan and Management plan01.07.2016

The city of Antwerp has agreed that the resident company Toneelhuis shall commission THV DRDH Architects-Julian Harrap Architects, London, in cooperation with Arup Theatre Consultants, Arup Acoustics, ABT and RCR with drafting a master plan for the restoration and renovation of the Bourlaschouwburg by May 2017 and a management plan by the end of 2017, to be presented for approval to the Government’s Agency for Cultural Heritage. The most valuable part of the theatre is the 1838 stage machinery, which has been on the list of the “7 most endangered heritage sites in Europe” since 2014.

Conference & Meetings 2016 in Stockholm (Sweden)16.06.2016

From 16 to 19 June, the Conference & Meetings 2016 of the European Route of Historic Theatres will take place in Stockholm. Please click here for the programme of the conference day.

Theatre conferences in Stockholm (Sweden)05.06.2016

PERSPECTIV and FIRT, the International Federation for Theatre Research, are on exchange. The Secretary-General of PERSPECTIV, Carsten Jung, will take part in a podium discussion on the adequate use of historic theatres at the FIRT/IFTR conference on 15 June (09:00, University of Stockholm, Hall D 3111); whereas Prof. Willmar Sauter, mastermind behind the FIRT/IFTR conference that unites around 1000 scholars from all over the world, will present a lecture at the conference of the European Route of Historic Theatres on 17 June (Confidencen – Schlosstheater Ulriksdal). More information:

Meininger Theater (Germany)01.06.2016

We welcome as new member the Meininger Theater (DE). Home of the famous “Meiningers”, it was built in 1909 for the “theatre duke” Georg II of Saxe-Meiningen, the same who changed European theatre in the last part of the 19th century by introducing a new production style. The building has just been restored and brought up to date on the technical side. More information:

Touring exhibition in Munich (Germany)13.05.2016

The Bavarian Minister for Education and Religion, Sciences and Arts, Dr Ludwig Spaenle, has opened the touring exhibition “The history of Europe – told by its theatres” at the German Theatre Museum in Munich. After Warsaw, Copenhagen, and Vienne this is the fourth stop of our exhibition. It will be on show until 3 October, together with a big extension on “The architect Max Littmann and Munich at the time of the Prince Regent.” More information:

Åbo Svenska Teater, Turku (Finland)11.04.2016

We welcome as new member Åbo Svenska Teater in Turku, Finland. “Åbo” is the Swedish name for Turku, and one of the permanent Swedish repertory companies performs here. The theatre is the oldest still existing theatre building in Finland, inaugurated in 1839. I fire destroyed most of the interior in 1881, but it reopened already a year later, and in 1890 the auditorium got its present look. The famous theatre painter Carl Grabow created the still preserved painted curtain. More information:

Death of Hans-Dietrich Genscher31.03.2016

The Honorary President of PERSPECTIV, Mr. Hans-Dietrich Genscher, has died, aged 89. Born in the roaring twenties, he experienced the Nazi regime as a pupil and studied law and economics in the newly founded German Democratic Republic, which he left in 1952 for the Federal Republic of Germany. There he joined the liberal party F.D.P., became Minister of the Interior in 1969, and served as very popular Minister of Foreign Affairs from 1974 to 1992, working to overcome the partition of Europe and, as part of this, to reunite Germany. PERSPECTIV bows to a great European.

World Theatre Day27.03.2016

Since 1962, the World Theatre Day is celebrated every year on 27 March. In Europe, the day highlights an art that has been a cornerstone of European civilization since the ancient Greeks.
"But not only performances are interesting, but also the buildings that have been created for this art throughout the centuries", underlines Carsten Jung, Secretary-General of PERSPECTIV. "Historic theatres are a key to history. They mirror the society for which they were built, as well as later changes in society. And they show us what has been connecting Europe through the ages. To remember this seems to be particularly important today."
To make it easier for all Europeans to discover what connects us, the European Route of Historic Theatres is currently being created, leading to the 120 most beautiful, most interesting and best preserved historic theatres across Europe.  

The ITB in Berlin09.03.2016

(9 - 13 March 2016) For the first time, the European Route of Historic Theatres is featuring its own stand at the world's largest tourism fair, the ITB in Berlin, Germany. The entire hall 16 of the fair ground is transformed into the "Culture Lounge" to present cultural tourism destinations. The European Route of Historic Theatres has stand 31. The ITB expects about 200 000 visitors this year: tour operators, travel journalists, and individual travellers.

Teatro della Pergola, Florence (Italy)01.02.2016

(February 2016) We welcome as new member the Teatro della Pergola in Florence, Italy. Since its opening in 1657, the building was further developed several times, most notably in 1857 and 1912, from whence dates its present appearance.

Touring exhibition in Vienna22.10.2015

(22 October 2015) Our touring exhibition "The history of Europe - told by its theatres" has reached its third stop: until 28 March 2016 it is now on show at the Theatre museum in Vienna, Austria. For more information on the exhibition, click here.

Iberia Route inaugurated01.07.2015

(July 2015) With a two-day event in Almagro, Spain, the Iberia Route of the European Route of Historic Theatres was inaugurated. The new Iberia Route leads to the most interesting and best preserved historic theatres in Portugal and Spain. Find out about the route here.

Municipal Theatre Solothurn (Switzerland)01.06.2015

(June 2015) We welcome as new member the Municipal Theatre Solothurn (Switzerland). The theatre hall of a Jesuit school was installed already in 1730. After the order had been dissolved, the city took over the building and in 1791 gave the auditorium its present form. The form was blurred by layers from subsequent periods, until a recent refurbishment campaign rediscovered the 18th century paintings on the balustrades of the two balconies. They were carefully restored, and thus the auditorium today shows its original face again.

Touring exhibition in Copenhagen21.05.2015

(21 May 2015) Our touring exhibition "The history of Europe - told by its theatres" has reached its second stop: until 21 September it is now on show at the Theatre museum in the Court theatre of Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen, Denmark. For more information on the exhibition, click here.

Baltic Route opens28.04.2015

(28 April 2015) Also in Warsaw, the Baltic Route of the European Route of Historic Theatreshas been in inaugurated. The new route leads to the most interesting historic theatres in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Find out about the route here.

Conference & Meetings 201528.04.2015

One hundred representatives of theatres and theatre museums from all over Europe, as well as a wide range of specialists, convened in the Polish capital, Warsaw, for the Conference & Meetings 2015 of the European Route of Historic Theatres. The main topic of the conference was "How to reach audiences (and make them come)". See more information here.

Svenska Teatern in Helsinki (Finland)01.04.2015

(April 2015) We welcome as new member the Svenska Teatern in Helsinki (Finland). The Swedish Theatre in the Finnish capital was designed by a Russian-French architect in 1866. While the façade was modernized in 1935, the interior shines in the splendour of the 19th century until today.   

"The 7 best ... historic theatres" in Germany01.03.2015

(March 2015) "The 7 best ... historic theatres" in Germany feature in "DB mobil", the monthly magazine of German Railways (circulation: 504,000 copies). The selection includes the PERSPECTIV member theatres Theater Putbus, Goethe-Theater Bad Lauchstädt, Ekhof-Theater Gotha, Schlosstheater Schwetzingen and Comoedienhaus Hanau-Wilhelmsbad. Learn more about them here (in English) or read the article here (in German).

Joint press statement on the Bourlaschouwburg26.02.2015

(26 February 2015) After two months of editing, the City of Antwerp, Toneelhuis, the Flemish government and Europa Nostra publish a joint press statement on the Bourlaschouwburg, outlining the route that will be taken to find a way to combine the needs of modern theatre with preserving and possibly using the 1834 stage machinery.  
To see the text of the press release, click here.

Exhibition "The history of Europe - told by its theatres"09.02.2015

(9 February 2015) The exhibition "The history of Europe - told by its theatres" opens in Warsaw, Poland. It will be on show at the National Theatre (Teatr Narodowy) until 30 April. Created as part of the European Route of Historic Theatres project,  it will subsequently tour to Copenhagen, Vienna, Munich, Ljubljana, and London. Please find more information here.

Historic Municipal Theatre in Grein (Austria)01.01.2015

(January 2015) We welcome as new member the Historic Municipal Theatre in Grein (Austria). Located in a former grannery since 1791, it is the oldest preserved bourgeois theatre in Austria and part of the Emperor Route of the European Route of Historic Theatres