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25 October
European Historic Theatres Day

25 October 2022 is European Historic Theatres Day, a day established in 2017 by Perspectiv, Association of Historic Theatres in Europe, to highlight the existence and work of historic venues throughout the continent.The last three years have seen a great response on social media with postings of some amazing theatre images (#EuropeanHistoricTheatres Day and #HistoricTheatresDay).

This year we hope that as many theatres as possible will post images, stories, facts and figures showing how they are dealing with the current difficult situations facing us all through the world virus situation using #HistoricTheatresLive

Let the rest of the world know that theatre has not given up and will survive these dreadful times. This is just one more story in the long lives of our historic building.

All events are collected on Facebook: 


On Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, every visitor can connect his theatre with other theatres across Europe:

Also on Twitter, a tweetathon will be going on all day:
what is the most tweeted European Historic Theatre ?!

Be a part of the European Historic Theatres Day!

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